Nasturtium | Flower Seed Grow Kit

Nasturtium is an edible flower! They add a fun, colorful touch to any dish or drink and can also be grown in a traditional garden. 

Uses + Recipes

  • Salad: use whole flowers or pull the petals apart. Add as a garnish instead of mixing in with the dressing.

  • Vinegar: a nasturtium infused vinegar is peppery and works great in salad dressings or anything that benefits from a splash of vinegar. 

  • Salt: dry the flowers (leaves work too), then crush and mix with sea salt. Not only will it be pretty - it adds a unique peppery flavor to a dish. Great as a finishing salt.

  • Vodka / tequila: infuse alcohol with nasturtium for a unique take on classics like a bloody mary or margarita.

  • Garnish: the flowers make pretty garnishes on appetizers, charcuterie boards, pasta and pretty much anything else you can think of.

There are more than 200 nasturtium seeds included in this Grow Kit. That is enough seed to plant an area of roughly 225-square feet!